Testimonial #1: 

If you’re not careful, you'll be looking for a cute top one minute, and next thing you know your cart has hundreds of dollars in it—don’t worry, they always have coupons! Valorie+ is a holy grail for trendy and chic pieces, and boasts both affordable and luxury options. The plus size options contain fun bold prints and matching sets—albeit not as many as the straight-size collections, but still, cart-worthy options. Not only do they have a pretty impressive size extension, but Valorie+ is also so chic, focusing on ethical and local manufacturing. Their styles feature well-structured “basics” consisting of thermals, overalls, patterned jumpsuits, wrap tops, and more. The women-based clothing label caters to an online shopping world with specific details on fit, materials, color—with the big plus of featuring multiple-sized models to showcase the fit on different body types.


Testimonial #2: 

Valorie+ gave me a wonderful experience.  You really wouldn’t know that this brand didn’t always carry extended sizes. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on the site is available up to 5XL. I noticed that each piece has its own size chart, so before buying, make sure to note where your measurements fall and don’t assume fit based on other items. The trendy checkered lounge set I tried was incredibly soft, with fabric that made it feel worth the price. Both pieces fit perfectly oversized (the way they were intended). I love seeing beautiful clothes in plus sizes that don’t look boring.